The NOVA Job Center offers a variety of workshops and classes, relevant to individuals at all stages of the job-search process.

Below is a comprehensive list of all workshops by category. Click workshop title for description.

Getting Started

  • Ask the Career Advisor

    Do you have a question for a career advisor but don't think you need a full one-on-one meeting? This group session is your opportunity to drop in and have your questions answered.
  • Job Search Lab

    Learn about the four stages of a job search, identify where you are in your job search, and create your strategy for reaching your goals.
  • Managing Change

    An interactive workshop to help you move through the stress and uncertainty created by job loss. Learn how to work through your emotions, launch an effective job search, and explore what's next for you.


  • Who Am I?

    A starting point for those interested in conducting career assessment. Participants will take assessments and participate in activities to define their skills, interests, and values, and learn how to apply this information in all stages of career development.
  • Am I Marketable?

    This class will assist you in determining your marketability for the position you are targeting. You will learn about online tools to define current trends including availability of positions, required skills, and salary data.
  • What Are My Training Options?

    Learn about the training options that are available to you to increase your skills, confidence, and marketability.

Resumé / Applications

  • Resumé Facts

    Learn the answers to the most common resumé questions including: What goes on the resumé? Do I need to customize my resumé? What are the best ways to organize my information? And is a cover letter necessary?
  • Resumé Critique

    Meet with a career advisor to review your resumé and provide you with information, ideas, and assistance in creating your resumé. This service is offered during career advising appointments.
  • Customize Your Resumé

    This is an opportunity for you to work independently on your resumé and customize it to a specific job posting. A facilitator is available to provide assistance as needed. Bring a copy of the job description and a hard copy or electronic copy of your resumé with you.

    Prerequisite: Resumé Facts
  • Beyond the Resumé: Demonstrating Value

    More than ever before, employers expect job seekers to demonstrate their skills. Learn about 5 ways you can demonstrate your value. After taking the workshop, you will be prepared to develop a targeted portfolio and present your skills.
  • Job Applications

    If your job search includes filling out applications — and most jobs do at some point — learn how to avoid being screened out. Discover how to successfully address legal issues and sticky questions.
  • Developing Your LinkedIn Profile

    Learn the basics of LinkedIn, including setting up your profile, managing your account settings, and adding connections.
  • LinkedIn Lab

    This lab provides dedicated time to use what you've learned in Developing Your LinkedIn Profile and apply it, in a group setting, to develop a more effective LinkedIn profile. Bring an electronic version of your resumé and a job description with you. You must have an established LinkedIn profile and know your LinkedIn password to attend this lab. Due to the nature of this workshop, late arrivals will not be accommodated.

    Prerequisites: Developing Your LinkedIn Profile

Job Search

  • Generating Job Leads

    The more exposure you and your resumé have during the job search, the more likely you are to find a job. Learn about the visible and hidden job market and discover the best ways to tap into your network.
  • Job Search Tips for the Mature Worker

    Mature job seekers frequently have concerns that their age or years of experience may create obstacles in their job search. Learn how to identify age-friendly employers, age-neutralize your resumé, and answer tough interview questions.
  • Using LinkedIn In Your Job Search

    Learn how to use LinkedIn as a job-search tool, including how to find people, use groups, and locate job postings.
  • Informational Meetings

    Build your confidence requesting and conducting informational meetings with people who have the advice, information, and referrals you need.

Interviewing & Negotiations

  • Ace the Interview

    The most simple interview questions can be the most difficult to answer. Learn how to handle questions about your salary requirements, and your strengths and weaknesses. Discover effective, proven techniques to prepare you for tough job interviews.
  • Presenting Accomplishments

    Add impact to your interviews by learning how to talk about your successes, highlight your strengths, and minimize your weaknesses by turning negatives into positives. Bring a copy of your resumé and a sample job description with you to this workshop.

    Prerequisite: Ace the Interview
  • Behavior-Based Interviewing

    Prepare for the type of tough questions that ask how you handled specific situations in your past, both successes and failures. Create your own job profile and practice responding to related questions. Bring a copy of your resumé and a sample job description with you to this workshop.

    Prerequisite: Ace the Interview
  • Negotiating the Offer

    Discover what, other than money, is negotiable. How should you position yourself? What do you ask for first? Can you get a sign-on bonus? Get these questions answered and practice negotiating with a partner.
  • Technical Whiteboard Practice

    Whiteboard tests are an integral part of technical interviews. This workshop provides a place to practice coding problems and get feedback from your peers. Learn tips on effective whiteboarding.

    Prior to attending this workshop, visit for worksheets and additional information.


  • Communication Essentials

    This three-day class offers practical techniques, interactive exercises, and immediately useful tools in the areas of communication, facilitation, and collaboration. This class will improve your confidence and increase your effectiveness in your next position.