NOVA workshops are currently accessible remotely via Zoom. The following workshops are accessible via Zoom. Click the workshop title below for a description. Visit the NOVA calendar for dates and times of upcoming sessions.

See links for video tutorials on how to access and use Zoom.


  • Career Exploration

    Career exploration is an opportunity for you to examine your options and to make informed career decisions based upon current local labor market information and employer needs.
  • Positivity

    The job search process is full of ups and downs. The roller coaster ride of emotions can be draining and impact your productivity. We will review techniques and tools that will help you reframe negative thoughts so that you can remain positive and optimistic.

Career Navigation

  • Working in a Virtual World

    Remote work has become the new way of doing business. Are you prepared to present yourself professionally, to navigate the changes in workplace communication, and to demonstrate proficiency with technologies that enable productivity? We will explore how to effectively interview and prepare for a job in the virtual world.
  • Contracting 101

    This workshop will highlight how the job market has shifted towards increased contract work, assist you in navigating the world of contracting and position yourself for success.
  • Communication Essentials

    Communication Essentials is a two-day workshop series; you must be able to attend the full 4 hours (2 hours per day) to register for this workshop. You need only register once for this two-day workshop series.

    Communication Essentials features practical techniques, interactive exercises, and immediately useful tools in the areas of communication, facilitation, and collaboration. This workshop series will improve your confidence and increase your effectiveness in your next position.
    • Learn communicating skills that will help you resolve problems, respectfully present your point of view, and listen to others.
    • Learn facilitation skills to improve team dynamics and increase productivity.
    • Learn skills to analyze and creatively solve problems in a team setting.
    • Learn techniques to improve virtual communication.

Resumé / Marketing Materials

  • Parts of a Resumé

    Learn the key information to include on your resumé, how to lay out the information to tell your story, and what to include in a cover letter.
  • How to Customize a Resumé

    A generic resumé rarely generates any interest. Learn how to customize a resumé to catch the attention of the employer and get the phone to ring.
  • Developing Your LinkedIn Profile

    Learn the basics of LinkedIn, including how to set up an effective profile and manage your account settings.
  • Video Introductions

    Make a strong first impression by recording a video introduction that captures your skills, strengths, and personality. Post on your LinkedIn page or social media accounts, add to your e-mail signature or to your portfolio to expand your reach.

Job Search / Networking

  • Informational Meetings

    Build your confidence requesting and conducting informational meetings with people who have the advice, information, and referrals you need.
  • Using LinkedIn to Job Search

    Learn how to job search on LinkedIn, including following companies, targeting companies, and responding to job postings.
  • Expand Your Network with LinkedIn

    Learn how to find people on LinkedIn, expand your network, and proactively connect with people.
  • Job Search Tips for the Mature Worker

    Mature job seekers frequently have concerns that their age or years of experience may create obstacles in their job search. Learn how to identify age-friendly employers, age-neutralize your resumé, and answer tough interview questions.
  • NOVA Networking Hour

    Join us for an interactive session to meet new people, practice your summary statement, and network in a safe environment. You never know who you will meet or the leads you could gather!


  • Interview: Summary Statement

    Learn how to answer questions about your background and general experience, including:
    • Tell me about yourself.
    • Why are you qualified for this job?
    • Why should I hire you?
  • Interview: Accomplishment Stories

    Learn how to create short stories that describe your skills and experience in an interesting and engaging way. Accomplishment stories will help you answer common questions, including:
    • What are your strengths?
    • What accomplishments are you most proud of?
    • What did you like most about your last job?
    • Tell me about a time when….?
  • Interview: Sandwiching Negatives

    Employers will often ask about negative situations to see how you handle stressful questions and how you respond to negative situations. Come learn a strategy that will help you respond to these questions in a positive and professional way.
  • Interview: Negotiations

    Learn how to handle questions about salary from the phone screen through the job offer. We will cover strategies and tools that help you to have collaborative conversations that lead to win-win scenarios.
  • Coding Whiteboard Practice

    Whiteboard tests are an integral part of technical interviews. This workshop provides a place to practice coding problems and receive feedback from your peers.
  • Behavior-based Interviewing

    "Tell me about a time when...." Prepare for tough questions asking how you handled specific situations in your past, including both successes and failures. Create your own job profile and practice responding to related questions.