Improving economic mobility one job seeker at a time.

A job can change the quality of life for an entire family.

The skills and dedication of employees can make or break a business.

NOVAworks’ Role in Silicon Valley

NOVAworks has been actively working since 1982 to build bridges between workers and businesses within the unique setting of Silicon Valley. With a host of world-class companies producing cutting-edge technologies, it is essential that employers have access to a skilled workforce and necessary for Silicon Valley’s diverse population to remain current with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to remain competitive.

Studies suggest that, in the U.S., more than 9 of every 10 workers have experienced at least one period of unemployment in their career lifetime — 2 of every 3 have experienced as many as three periods, and 1 in 10 has experienced nine or more. These numbers understandably increase as opportunities decrease with greater periods of unemployment among lesser educated and people of color. So while the Valley's unemployment rate is at historic lows, the volatile nature of the employment cycle continues to a great degree behind the scenes. It is this churn effect that generates the volume of customers served at NOVAworks' two job centers.

Mission Statement

NOVAworks supports workforce mobility by providing:

  • real-time labor market information about in-demand skills;
  • skill-building and enhancements to match market demand;
  • navigation tools for the ever-changing labor market;
  • advocacy for infrastructure to support workers between opportunities, such as unemployment insurance for all and
  • portable benefits; and
  • an interconnected support system for multiple career pathways for youth.


The NOVAworks vision is clear, its mission strong. With your donation, we can offer a comprehensive menu of career options, not just a job. Together we can identify, develop, and match talent to opportunities for today and for the future.

For this reason, the NOVAworks Foundation gratefully accepts contributions in order to further its essential mission within the greater Silicon Valley.

To donate by credit card, visit the NOVAworks Foundation page on MightyCause

Checks (made out to NOVAworks Foundation) should be sent to:

NOVAworks Foundation

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