Job Connector FAQ
Q1 How do I contact tech support if unable to Sign Up or Sign In to my account?
From the sign-in page, tech support is available through the chat function even before you have logged in. Click on the gray and white bubble in the lower right hand corner and send your message. Please include your email address so you can receive a response. You can also send an email directly to tech support at
Q2 Does NOVAworks Job Connector replace the NOVAworks Job Board?
Yes - And it does so much more! NOVAworks Job Connector includes job posts in the “Work” section. Jobs from employers partnering with NOVAWorks are listed as "Featured.” All other positions are posted from our feed.
Q3 Are workshops being offered for training on NOVAworks Job Connector?
Yes. The 45 minute Workshop is called ‘Job Connector Virtual Lab’ and is being offered to NOVAworks members weekly. Visit the NOVAworks calendar to register.
Q4 What is the quickest and easiest way to enter your experience as you build your skills profile?
Upload a resume. Skills will be pulled from your resume and organized into two categories called Technical Skills and Foundational Skills. Technical Skills are often referred to as ‘Hard Skills’ and Foundational Skills are often referred to as “Soft/Workplace Skills.” Skills can be edited, deleted or entered manually.
Q5 Can I make an appointment with a career advisor to assist me with my account and review my results?
If you are a NOVAworks member, please call the Front Desk to schedule an appointment. If you are not a NOVAworks member, the Front Desk will provide options for becoming a NOVAworks member. Sunnyvale phone number: 408-730-7232. San Mateo phone number: 650-581-0058.
Q6 How is user account information secured and is it shared externally?
User account data is encrypted when in transit and is stored and segregated in a multi-tenant database for security. User information is not sold to third parties. Some data may be shared with employer partners seeking to hire from our membership pool. You can opt out of employers' ability to view your profile and from contacting you for job opportunities in your account settings.