Sandwiching Negatives

What is a Sandwich?

A Sandwich is used to respond to negative questions. This is a three-part reply that sandwiches negative information between two positives. Sandwiches show a positive attitude - that you are able to see and present things in the best light.

How to construct a sandwich:

  • State a positive personal quality or value.
  • Briefly state your job related negative / weakness.
  • State what you have done or are currently doing to overcome this negative / weakness.
  • Link the benefit of your improvement in this area to the company that is interviewing you.


Questions: Tell me about one of your weakness.

Answer: Although I really like people, I get nervous when I speak in front of large groups. So I am working on this by taking public speaking classes at the local college. I think this will benefit your organization with the quarterly presentations that you mentioned.

Click here to download a worksheet to help you create your own sandwiches.

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