How to address questions regarding salary

Effective January 1, 2018, employers operating in California may no longer ask an applicant for information on their salary history. Also an employer must, upon reasonable request, provide an applicant with the pay scale assigned to the position sought.

Strategies to Pass Salary Screen Questions

It is in your best interest to know the current market rate for the positions you are applying to. Please use the following resources:

If you are asked,“What are your salary expectations?” The best response will be “What is your range for this position?”

Based on the new law, they should provide you with the range. After they give you their range, get more information about the scope and responsibilities of the job in order to start building your value.

“Your range seems fair. Would you tell me more about the position?”

Independent recruiters may push for salary information. Since they are not the direct employer they may not provide the salary information. In this case, use the salary data you have collected to provide a range. "Based on my research I am looking for a salary or compensation package between X and Y."

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