How Do I Close the Interview?

The end of the interview is your final opportunity to ask questions, express interest in the position, and determine next steps.

Three steps to an effective closing:

  1. Ask questions that demonstrate that you are engaged and that help you learn more about the position and company.
  2. Let the employer know that you interested in the position.
  3. Ask about next steps in the hiring process and ask for a business card so that you can follow-up.


Questions: Do you have any questions for me?

Answer: Although I learned a lot today, I do have a few remaining questions. Can you please tell me the key project you would like the person you hire to complete within the first three months on the job? Also what do you think is the biggest challenge for the person coming into this position? I want to thank you and your team for meeting with me today. I really enjoyed speaking with everyone and I learned a lot about the position and the team. I am excited about this opportunity. Can you tell me the next steps in the hiring process? Thanks again for your time, would you happen to have a business card?

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