Targeting Companies

Creating a target list of companies helps you to define and potentially shape where you work. Take a look at these videos to learn why targeting companies is beneficial to your job search.

How to create a target list

  1. Assess your basic needs and values when evaluating where you would like to work. Base your decision on which location, which type of industry/specific job function or title, and which company you think you would prefer. However, keep in mind that too many restrictions will limit your opportunities.
  2. Research those companies: Utilize the web, library and your personal network to learn about the companies and if they align with your interests, values, and other criterion.
  3. Look online at different job boards to get a sense of who is hiring people with your current skill set.
  4. Once you create your list, explore your network to see who works at those companies or if they know someone that works at those companies. Your social media accounts can be a great resource to identify contacts and connections.

How to use the A-Z database to create a target list of companies

Here are tools to help you generate a list and begin to research your target companies (check with your local library for access to some of these databases).