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TechLadder & ICT Digital Literacy

The NOVA Workforce Board, in its commitment to assisting Silicon Valley workers remain competitive for the jobs in this high-technology region, has resolved to promote information and communication technologies (ICT) digital literacy through access to information and job opportunities and the development of training programs.

ICT digital literacy is defined as "using digital technology, communications tools and/or networks to access, manage, integrate, evaluate, create, and communicate information in order to function in a knowledge society." 

ICT digital literacy is part of a larger initiative that NOVA is launching called TechLadder. The goals of TechLadder are threefold:
  1. promote ladders of opportunity through the development of increasingly advanced technology cluster skills; 
  2. create a more inclusive technology workforce at all skill levels; and 
  3. increase the overall talent pool available for Silicon Valley companies requiring ICT skills.

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