Staffing & Recruitment

When you need to grow your business, NOVA can help find quality candidates for your job openings.

We can work to meet your staffing needs, directly or through our quality connections with relevant community organizations.

Target Candidates

Professional / High-level Skills

If you seek to hire mid- to high-skilled professionals, you've come to the right place!

Many NOVA job seekers are experienced in such fields as engineering, programming, project management, business administration, finance and accounting, human resources, and other technical and business operations professions.

To access NOVA's current roster of active job seekers, we invite you to post your jobs on NOVA's no-cost job board.

Job Board   

NOVA also currently administers a program that funds tech-related internships. If you have technical opportunities but are not ready to hire, NOVA can help.


Is your company recruiting skilled talent for a variety of job openings? Both the Sunnyvale and San Mateo job centers may be able to arrange on-site recruitment sessions through which you can meet with a number of vetted candidates. Contact NOVA for details.


Entry-level / Low- to Mid-level Skills

Do you have entry-level positions or positions for which a youth might be appropriate? If so, we invite you to contact the NOVA Youth Office, which specializes in serving young workers, ages 16 to 24.

Youth Office   

NOVA Business Services

A NOVA Business Services representative can provide assistance with your staffing needs.

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