A job can change the quality of life for an entire family.
The skills and dedication of employees can make or break a business.

NOVA has been working for 35 years to build bridges between these two sides of Silicon Valley's labor market. But federally funded resources cannot reach all businesses or all job seekers, and many in our community need much more than these resources can provide.

NOVA established the NOVAworks Foundation in 1994 to fill this gap and ensure that no worker falls through the cracks in this highly competitive labor market.

The NOVAworks Foundation, in partnership with the NOVA Workforce Board, develops innovative programs that advance economic sustainability for workers in transition and for new entrants to the labor market.

On Tuesday, November 27, the NOVAworks Foundation will participate in Giving Tuesday, a global day of generosity in which individuals like you can support a wide variety of charitable causes from throughout the country.

To give to the NOVAworks Foundation, please visit our page on MightyCause. To learn more about Giving Tuesday, visit their site at givingtuesday.org.