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NOVA Success Story: Colin O’Connor

NOVA customer, Colin O’Connor, describes his success story in his own words:

I’ve been working in healthcare and project management for many years, but when my last position ended in November, I realized I needed help to focus my job search and develop some new skills. I learned about the NOVA Job Center in San Mateo and started taking classes there, including résumé and LinkedIn workshops.

The team in San Mateo was great, but I wanted to do something with more involvement. A friend of mine recommended ProMatch. I came to orientation, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do. Connie encouraged me to join and get help exploring. I needed to take the time to assess my skills and future direction and ProMatch helped me to do that.

I can’t say enough about ProMatch. It’s the whole package – I’ve taken classes and workshops but ProMatch puts it all together for job seekers. It gets you out of the house away from the computer so you’re not just blasting resumes off into the internet. The whole community has been amazing. ProMatch helped to build my self-confidence and determine my value and worth. It’s such a supportive environment, where you’re not afraid to fail or make a mistake but rather to take a leap of faith and try.

I credit NOVA and ProMatch with helping me to be prepared and focused, so that when an opportunity came up to interview at UCSF Medical Center, I was ready to take action.  I start my new position as a Lead Project Analyst next week!  My advice for other job seekers? Practice your PSRs [Problem-Solutions-Results] (the best thing I learned), and also get yourself out the door - go to events and talk to people.  You never know when the right opportunity will come along.