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WIOA Regional Plan: Career Pathways for Regional Sectors

The federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) also requires that local workforce boards, within a defined region, develop a four-year regional plan. The difference between the local and regional plans is that the local plan facilitates access to workforce services at the local level and the regional plan focuses on the development of regional sector pathway programs, specifically, career pathways that are aligned with regional industry sector needs. The State of California has established fourteen Regional Planning Units (RPU), with NOVA assigned to the Bay Peninsula RPU with three neighboring local workforce boards: San Francisco, San Jose-based work2future, and San Benito County. San Jose-based work2future is taking the lead on the development of the regional plan, with input from the other workforce boards in the region.

On December 16, NOVA hosted a regional stakeholders meeting at the Sunnyvale Community Center, on behalf of the four workforce boards in the Bay Peninsula RPU, to review the plan’s proposed priorities that will guide the region’s workforce development efforts in the future. With input from this meeting, a comprehensive regional plan was developed and released to the public for review. The goals of the proposed plan are as follows:

1) Employers are actively engaged with the regional workforce system that understands and appropriately responds to their skilled workforce needs. (Demand-driven skills attainment)

2) Unemployed and underemployed individuals can (a) easily access and participate in workforce services appropriate for their skill levels, barriers to employment, and career goals; and (b) transition into relevant training opportunities to move up in a career pathway in an in-demand sector or occupation. (Upward mobility)

3) Regional workforce system partners align and coordinate services and resources to create a “no wrong door” employment and training network easily accessed by workers including high need and historically disadvantaged populations such as farmworkers, ex-offenders, those who are limited English proficient, out of school and/or disconnected and foster youth (including former foster youth), as well as employers. (Aligning and coordinating programs and services)

The regional plan also identified five priority sectors for the region that are considered critical to the growth of the regional economy and creation of high-demand, high-opportunity jobs: advanced manufacturing, construction, health care, hospitality and information technology (IT).

To review the entire four-year regional plan, please visit the NOVA website. NOVA looks forward to working with partners across the region to ensure there is a talent pipeline in place to address the changing workforce needs of industry sectors and support a growing economy.