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LinkedIn Event for NOVA Youth Program

LinkedIn hosted a special “Women in Leadership” event in November at its Sunnyvale campus. The purpose of this event was to introduce young women to career pathways to leadership in the technology industry. Sixty students, ages 15-24, participated from Homestead and Santa Clara high schools’ accounting classes and Women Empowerment club and De Anza College’s business club. The afternoon session began with a networking exercise where students had the chance to practice networking skills, which was followed by a “Rock Your Profile” presentation that discussed the importance of networking and creating a professional brand and online presence. Students were then broken into small groups of five to work individually with a LinkedIn employee to create or enhance their current LinkedIn profiles. The event ended with an inspirational panel presentation featuring four director-level professional women who spoke about their insights and experiences on their path to achieving leadership roles at LinkedIn. In total, the event involved more than 30 LinkedIn volunteers contributing their time to support our community’s youth. The event was a tremendous success and heart-felt experience for both the students, as well as for LinkedIn staff. An additional positive outcome of this event was that this was the first time that these students had visited a major corporation’s campus and when they left the event they now considered working in an environment such as at LinkedIn an achievable career goal.

This event is one of a series of InDay events that LinkedIn has hosted for the community’s youth over the past two years as part of a multi-year partnership with NOVA, with the goal to give back to the local community and “invest, inspire and innovate.” NOVA would like to thank LinkedIn for its tremendous ongoing support of our youth.