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[NOVA] Report to the Consortium Cities: Winter 2015
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Winter 2015
High Demand Continues at NOVA Job Center


Despite the economic recovery, NOVA continues to see a high demand for its job seeker services. Over the past six months, NOVA served 3,131 customers at the NOVA Job Center and, if this demand continues, the number of customers served this fiscal year will exceed last year's total. For the period of July 1, 2014 through December 30, 2014, NOVA received 26,332 visits to the center and provided a total of 35,422 services that included: 5,205 attended career advisor appointments, 4,679 attended workshops and 1,027 attended classes. Promatch, a collaborative program of NOVA and the California Employment Development Department, serves dislocated workers from the professional fields and received 7,881 visits from job seekers during this same period. And, 94 percent of customers surveyed were satisfied with the services they received.

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A NOVA Success Story


When Rose came to NOVA, she had been out of work since May 2013. Rose had worked in advertising and marketing for the last 10 years but was interested in transitioning into either database administration or computer programming. Facing a tough job market, Rose and her NOVA training advisor discussed the reality of competing for programming jobs with those with significant education and experience in the field. Rose realized that she needed to have both a long-term and a short-term goal. A good short-term goal would be for her to get skills that would get her foot in the door in the technical field, while continuing to pursue additional computer programming education for the long-term.

Silicon Valley Gives Campaign: 
Save the Date for May 5, 2015!

Given the enormous success of last year's first-ever regional day of giving, the  Silicon Valley Community Foundation (SVCF) will once again be organizing a special day of giving, SVGives. On May 5 and for 24 hours, SVCF will be hosting an online donation platform for donors to contribute to a wide range of local nonprofit organizations and NOVA will again be one of the organizations featured. In the coming months, please visit SVGives to view NOVA's special webpage and consider donating to NOVA on May 5!

Spotlight on Board Member Julian Chu of Google


NOVA Workforce Board member Julian Chu is Director, Global Customer Services for Google in Mountain View. Among his responsibilities at Google, Mr. Chu oversees a team that provides education, services and account management operations for global advertisers who use Google's advertising products. Mr. Chu brings to the NOVA Workforce Board a diverse private sector background, extensive networks in the high technology and venture capital communities, and a commitment to youth education through his community service. Mr. Chu's expertise will be invaluable to the Board in engaging Silicon Valley companies about their workforce needs and closing the skills-gap between employer requirements and the available talent pool. "I have increasingly high respect for NOVA - the clarity of goals, rigor of process, and cadence of execution are apparent. I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the Board in providing insights, shaping our strategy, and in supporting NOVA to continue to perform at this high level."


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Silicon Valley Competitiveness and Innovation Project: Report Released
The Silicon Valley Leadership Group and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation have joined together to launch the Silicon Valley Competitiveness and Innovation Project (SVCIP) to "proactively identify a data-driven, overarching economic strategy to enhance and reinforce our competitive advantages in innovation, and ensure that Silicon Valley residents have access to the job opportunities and prosperity linked to growth in key industries." Twenty-three competitiveness and innovation indicators have been identified for tracking annually and will be compared against other leading innovation regions across the country. On January 14, this initiative released its inaugural report that cites that the economy fueled by innovation industries has rebounded but faces challenges that will impact Silicon Valley's competitive edge. 


New Online Job Posting Tool for Employers

In response to employer requests and as a way to accelerate the job posting and hiring process, NOVA is excited to debut a
new online job board tool. Rather than emailing or calling with requests to add jobs to the NOVA Job Board, employers may now make a request online, where the new tool walks them through creating a complete job posting. Although NOVA 
Employer Services staff still reviews all requests before including them on the Job Board, this new process cuts down on much back-and-forth communication with employers that was sometimes necessary to ensure job requirements were complete and there was consistency across job listings. The secure, easy-to-use template is located on the
NOVA Job Board webpage, or may be accessed directly on the NOVA website. NOVA is pleased to offer local employers a no-cost way to recruit for their open positions and connect with thousands of qualified job seekers in this community.


Job Hunters Boot Camp

Last fall, San Mateo County contracted with NOVA to manage the County's Workforce Investment Act operations through June 30, 2015. As part of this new partnership with San Mateo County, NOVA staff worked with the San Mateo County Workforce Investment Board Director to coordinate the Job Hunters Boot Camp, co-sponsored by U.S. Congresswoman Jackie Speier and California State Assemblymember Kevin Mullin. This annual event is an opportunity for job seekers to improve their job search strategies through targeted workshops and to talk to employers who are hiring about employment opportunities.This year, the Boot Camp was held on November 21, 2014 at the San Mateo County Event Center. During the event, NOVA hosted a "tool tent" where 21 career advisors from across the Bay Area volunteered their time to assist over 80 job seekers with resume reviews and interview preparation tools. For more information about the annual Job Hunters Boot Camp, please visit Congresswoman Speier's website or Assemblymember Mullin's website.

Joint Venture Releases 2015 Index


At the February 4, 2015 annual forum, Joint Venture Silicon Valley released its 2015 Silicon Valley Index report. The report cites that we're in a hot economy, but while employment levels have exceeded pre-recession levels and incomes are on the rise, issues of housing, transportation and disparities in income and employment opportunities continue to impact the Valley's success. Excerpts from the report include: Silicon Valley's job growth rate (4.1%) is the highest it's been since 2000, adding nearly 58,000 jobs and exceeding the 2013-14 job growth rate of the Bay Area; in 2013, median household income increased 1.3% in Silicon Valley to $94,534 and jumped 3.8% in San Francisco to $79,778; however, income disparities continue between workers of different skill and educational attainment levels...

NOVA Hosts U.S. Census Seminars


In November, NOVA, in partnership with the City of Sunnyvale's Economic Development Office and the Silicon
Valley Economic Development Alliance, comprised of city and county economic development representatives, hosted two workshops in Sunnyvale for professionals seeking to learn more about the availability and uses of Census data. The training was provided by the U.S. Census Bureau, and focused on data available through the Census'
American FactFinder, and Local Employment Dynamics websites. In the future, NOVA hopes to host another workshop when the Economic Census data is released this year.

Legislative Updates

Governor Releases Proposed 2015-16 State Budget

On January 9, Governor Brown released his proposed 2015-16 State Budget. The budget calls for over $1.2 billion in funding to provide workforce training and education through a framework of adult education, career technical education, workforce investment and apprenticeships. This funding includes what is expected to come from federal Workforce Investment Act (WIA)/Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) allocations, with discretionary funding targeted to support regional initiatives, specifically, the Slingshot initiative and Workforce Accelerator grants. NOVA received a Workforce Accelerator grant last year in collaboration with Transmosis, a small nonprofit organization of technology entrepreneurs committed to improving job placement of unemployed workers. 


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