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[NOVA] Report to the NOVA Consortium: Summer 2015
   Summer 2015

Happy Anniversary, WIOA! It's hard to believe it's been a year since President Obama signed the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) into law. WIOA brings many new opportunities, as well as challenges and, entering our first year under WIOA, we are prepared for both. We are pleased to welcome San Mateo County to the NOVA Consortium. We'd also like to thank our consortium cities, who will be continuing with us, for your many years of support for the work we do in the community. We look forward to collaborating with our partners in the years ahead.


Starting a new (fiscal) year, we are spearheading several exciting regional initiatives to get people back to work and employers the talent they need, and will be reaching out to you for your input and participation. You can read more about them in this latest edition, along with the high demand we continue to see for our services, despite the economic recovery, and how our customers rate them. Please let me know what you think and share it with your colleagues.

Warmest regards,
Kris Stadelman
NOVA Director 


San Mateo County Joins NOVA Consortium


For many years now, NOVA has provided award-winning workforce development services, on behalf of a seven-city
consortium in northern Santa Clara County, with the Sunnyvale City Council serving as the chief local elected official. The County of San Mateo had administered similar services in San
Mateo County. This past year, the County decided to discontinue its administration of these services and asked to join the NOVA Consortium to ensure that services to residents and businesses will continue in San Mateo County. Governor Brown has approved of San Mateo County joining the NOVA Consortium. It is effective July 1, 2015. 
With the addition of San Mateo County, NOVA intends to bring the same degree of excellence and performance to this expanded area so that the region is effectively and efficiently served. 


A Year in Review: 
High Demand Continues


During this past year, NOVA continued to see a high demand for services at the Job Center in Sunnyvale. The results are highlighted in the chart, below, along with a comparison to the previous year.


NOVA Job Center


    Total FY'13-14

      Total FY'14-15

# New Customers



# Client Visits (1/day)



# Unique Clients



Total # Services Provided:



   # Career Advising 



   # Workshop



   # Computer &



# ProMatch Visits/Services




While there has been a decline in the overall number of job seekers served this past year compared with the previous year, it is not proportionate to the surge in hiring and economic success that is occurring in Silicon Valley. 


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Customer Satisfaction Survey


Biannually, NOVA surveys customers to ascertain their
satisfaction with the services they receive at the NOVA Job
Center. The results of the year-end survey are now available and included: 

  • 96% of respondents were satisfied with the level of customer service they received at the Job Center (up from 93% in 2014); 
  • 93% were satisfied with the availability/accessibility of career advising appointments (unchanged from 2014); 
  • 93% were satisfied with the quality of career advising (up from 91% in 2014); and 
  • 97% were satisfied with the overall quality of the offerings at the Job Center (up from 94% in 2014). 

Comments included: "This place is a jewel and the representatives are top-notch."...


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A NOVA Success Story: Noriko Loveridge


Noriko Loveridge came to NOVA via a flyer her son found at his high school. She hadn't been employed in almost 14 years and needed to return to work. She has a BA degree and had studied graphic design, and decided she wanted to enter this field. She had been volunteering at a non-profit as a graphic designer to gain work experience for her new career. However, job searching after all this time was not easy and she needed help and support.

Noriko and a NOVA career advisor discussed the realities of a career as a graphic designer, including the importance of building a portfolio to showcase her work. Noriko also sought out feedback on her resume, and took the advisor's suggestions to heart to better highlight her skills and experience and draw attention to her online portfolio.  


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Spotlight on NOVA Board Member Anita Manwani of Carobar Business Solutions

NOVA Workforce Board member Anita Manwani is founder and principal of Carobar Business Solutions in Redwood City. Prior to starting her own business, Ms. Manwani held senior positions with some of the leading technology companies in Silicon Valley. Ms. Manwani brings to the NOVA Workforce Board extensive experience working in the private sector, in both large companies and startups, and has served on community boards in education and is an American Leadership Fellow. Her expertise and entrepreneurial approach will be invaluable to the Board as it continues to reinvent NOVA services in response to changing trends and retooling the workforce for jobs in emerging industries. "This is a huge opportunity to leverage government funding and Board networks towards creating meaningful employment in the region. I believe it is a challenge to get local business leaders to expand their recruiting to NOVA customers. No unemployed person would be left behind if we could overcome this challenge in Silicon Valley," said Ms. Manwani.


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Regional Slingshot Initiative

Slingshot is a California Workforce Development Board-sponsored statewide initiative with the goal to accelerate income mobility through regional collaboration using a four-phase process. In June, NOVA was awarded a grant to launch a Slingshot initiative in this region, on behalf of a broad collaborative, to target employer-informed strategies and multiple pathways for moving up workers from entry-level jobs into middle skill careers that are competitive and economically sustainable. The intent is to address the talent requirements of Bay Area employers and the needs of regional populations that are increasingly disconnected from the fast-changing economic mainstream and access to middle-wage occupations. The lead partners for this venture consist of the three local workforce boards that represent the region, specifically, San Francisco, NOVA and San Jose's work2future that will be working together as the Workforce Innovation Network (WIN). 


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Silicon Valley Electric Vehicle Initiative:
Creating the Talent Pipeline

The electric vehicle industry is a significant emerging cluster, especially here in the Bay Area, that promises to bring many new jobs to this community with higher wages. In June, NOVA was awarded a new State grant of $200,000 to continue the work of the Silicon Valley Electric Vehicle Opportunity Initiative (EVOI), launched in 2013, and enhance a talent pipeline of workers to fill the growing jobs in the electric vehicle industries. The project will entail convening a series of industry skill panels with transportation industry employers and then sharing the information gleaned from these panels with educators to ensure that curricula are in alignment with industry demand. 

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Workforce Accelerator Initiative for

Long-term Unemployed


In 2014, NOVA launched a State-funded Workforce Accelerator initiative that enabled customers, in particular the long-term unemployed, to fill in their unemployment gap with real-world work experience working on technology-related projects sponsored by companies in a variety of fields. In this highly competitive job market, employers require that prospective candidates demonstrate their knowledge and abilities on recent projects in a "show me, don't tell me" environment. This program model prepares job seekers to meet these employer demands. In June, NOVA was awarded a new $100,000 State grant to expand and improve upon this technology externship program that was funded last year.


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Youth Event at LinkedIn


Several months ago, NOVA was selected as a local partner in Sunnyvale by LinkedIn for Good as part of its Engage In
initiative launched to tackle the issue of global youth unemployment. The kick-off event took place on April 2. As part of this endeavor, LinkedIn employees will be volunteering to be coaches and mentors for NOVA's youth customers over the course of the year. In addition, LinkedIn will be sponsoring several special youth events, and the first of these events took place on May 15. 
Forty juniors and seniors from Fremont High School's Academic Foundations Class arrived at LinkedIn in Sunnyvale for an unforgettable day of activities.  

IntheCommunity LegUpdates
Legislative Updates

Governor Signs State Budget

On June 24, Governor Brown signed the $115.4 billion budget,
following an agreement reached with the State Legislature the previous week, and down from a $117.5 billion budget initially proposed by the Legislature. Included in the final budget is a continued commitment to and additional funding for the State's Slingshot initiative for which NOVA is a new grant recipient and $1.5 million for the re-entry workforce training grant program for the formerly incarcerated. Additionally, the budget included: an increase of $59 million and $25 million, respectively, for the California State University and University of California systems above the May revised budget to increase in-state enrollments;...

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