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[NOVA] Report to the Consortium Cities: Summer 2013
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Economic Indicators
U.S. unemployment rate for July declined to 7.4%, with 162,000 jobs added. Read on.

CA unemployment rate for June declined to an adjusted 8.5%;

San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara MSA unemployment rate increased to 6.9%, with 8,200 non-farm jobs added. Read on.

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Interesting Reports & Resources


"The Rapidly Evolving Internet-Based Job Training in California" by Michael Bernick of Fox and Hounds 


The Contributions of Immigrants and Their Children to the American Workforce and Jobs of the Future by Dowell Myers, Stephen Levy, and John Pitkin


The Coming Jobs War by Gallup Chairman and CEO, Jim Clifton


Recovery: Job Growth and Education Requirements through 2020, Georgetown University Public Policy Institute


"NDD United: Stop the (Sequestration) Cuts" video by the National Skills Coalition


Undoing Success: The Real Impact of Federal Workforce Development Funding Cuts on Jobseekers and Employers by the National Skills Coalition

NOVA in the News

NOVA is often featured in the news providing input on the economy's impact to workers and employers.

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   Summer 2013
Greetings from the NOVA Board

Electric Vehicle Industry Charging Ahead: 
NOVA Awarded New Grant


The electric vehicle (EV) industry is a significant emerging
cluster, especially in the Bay Area, where adoption of clean vehicles has outpaced the country and stands at over 6 percent compared to 2.4 percent penetration nationwide, according to the Bay Area Climate Collaborative report, "Bridge to the Clean Economy." Although it is difficult to predict the future growth of this industry as it is dependent on many variables, industry projections estimate it is anywhere from a low of 5 percent penetration statewide to 13 percent nationwide by 2020.

NOVA Joins "Work First Sunnyvale"


"Work First Sunnyvale", funded through the City of Sunnyvale Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program, is a collaborative program of the Sunnyvale Community Services (SCS) and the Downtown Streets Team (DST) to help homeless people in Sunnyvale obtain jobs and housing. The City recently received more funding than anticipated and, as a result, was able to add an additional $65,000 to the previous grant. This additional funding will enable NOVA to work with SCS and DST to provide more intensive career counseling and vocational training for Work First clients, who have already obtained entry-level employment, with the goal to advance their career goals into higher-paying jobs leading to long-term self-sufficiency.

A Year in Review


Over the past year and despite the economic recovery, NOVA continues to serve a large number of job seekers, specifically 7,063, although it is far fewer than in years past during the worst of the economic downturn. In addition, NOVA is providing a higher volume of services to fewer customers. The reason for this is that with more jobs available customers with competitive skills are becoming re-employed relatively quickly leaving the less prepared workers with greater needs accessing more services from NOVA for longer periods of time. 

A NOVA Success Story:
Stacey Pang in her own words

A career-changer in December 2011, I received my MBA
and finished the last of my successful internships in high tech marketing. Since hiring is limited in tough economic times, my employer was unable to offer me a permanent position. I then spent 7 months searching for a permanent marketing position. Although I have over 9 years of engineering and marketing experience at Fortune 500 companies, I lacked the depth of marketing experience my competitors had. A friend referred me to the CONNECT Job Seeker Center as well as the ProMatch program in Silicon Valley, which is funded jointly by both EDD and NOVA. 


New Report: The Hidden STEM Economy


San Jose Metropolitan Area ranks #1 in the percentage of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Math) occupations
(33.2%); 27.5% of these STEM occupations require less than a Bachelor's degree and pay on average $73,368, according to the new report, 
The Hidden STEM Economyby Jonathan Rothwell of the Brookings Institution. STEM workers play an important role in the design, innovation, and production of technologies that are the economic engine of the local and national economies. While past research has focused on white-collar jobs, The Hidden STEM Economy addresses the value that blue-collar STEM jobs have in this "hidden" economy. The report's findings offer promising opportunities for those workers who choose not to take the traditional 4-year college route and the important function that community colleges and other training programs will play in preparing them for future STEM jobs.  


An Employer Testimonial:
Jennings Technology


NOVA provides a portfolio of effective business solutions to the employer community. Last year, NOVA posted 1,373 jobs to its online job board for 288 employers. Jennings Technology, a NOVA customer, provided this testimonial: "NOVA's ability to provide our company with qualified candidates for our most critical openings has been unbelievably beneficial. We've been able to minimize our recruitment efforts due to NOVA's expansive and impressive candidate pool, as well as the ease in working with the staff at NOVA. In addition, NOVA's recruitment process is tailored to their customer, so it demands minimal effort on our part to get our postings out to the public in a timely manner. NOVA is our first, and often only, resource for recruitment due to their high quality service and candidates."


Summer Youth Program


NOVA launched a summer youth program this summer that kicked-off on June 17 and concluded August 2. Because of the decline in funding for youth services this year, the program was much smaller than in year's past. 15 youth participated this year coming mostly from the cities of Cupertino, Santa Clara and Sunnyvale and were older youth who were primarily recent high school graduates, with a few attending community college or working on their GEDs. 


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Legislative Updates

Reauthorization of the Federal Workforce Investment Act


At the state level, Senate Joint Resolution 10 (Lieu) was introduced that urges Congress to reauthorize the federal Workforce Investment Act (WIA) and include policies and strategies that support the local workforce investment community. The California Workforce Association (CWA), through its lobbyist Rose & Kindel, worked with the Senator to draft language for this bill and is a supporter of this bill.


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