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[NOVA] Report to the NOVA Consortium: Fall 2016
   Fall 2016

During this period of great uncertainty and change, there is one thing I know for sure...Bringing the community together to prepare workers for the future will be essential to our economic success and shared prosperity. In September, NOVA distributed to our community partners the proposed 10 priority strategies for our local plan under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and you responded with invaluable input. We are now developing the comprehensive plan that will incorporate these strategies, which is expected to be released for public comment in December. Thank you for your participation in this process and we look forward to receiving your comments on this new blueprint for our work together.
San Jose-based work2future is taking a leadership role on the development of the regional plan under WIOA with input from NOVA, San Francisco and San Benito County workforce boards representing the region. A community meeting is expected to be scheduled in the near future.
We continue to launch new initiatives to respond to the changing needs of our job seekers and employers. We are also forming new partnerships in San Mateo County, the newest member of the NOVA consortium. You can read about these ventures and more in this latest edition. Please share it with your colleagues and enjoy!
Warmest regards,
Kris Stadelman
NOVA Director 

Presentation to San Mateo County Board of Supervisors
On October 18, NOVA Director Kris Stadelman was invited to present at a San Mateo County Board of Supervisors meeting about updates on San Mateo County's transition to the NOVA consortium and the implementation of the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). The presentation included a review of key milestones, goals and success stories to date (and there have been many!), funding challenges with the volatility of WIOA funding, and the strategic, economic and administrative advantages NOVA is experiencing with this newly expanded consortium. The feedback and testimonials were very positive. To view the presentation and comments that followed, please visit the County of San Mateo YouTube website (presentation starts at 2:42:30). 

NOVA welcomes future opportunities to present to the consortium partners about our services to your residents and employers.

Digital Advertising Pilot Programdigitaladvertising
Last spring, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) -representing more than 650 media and technology companies including Google, Facebook and LinkedIn - conducted a survey of its membership about the trends in the digital advertising industry and talent requirements necessary to address expected job growth. Nationwide, an estimated 24,418 jobs will be added to the industry across all occupations in the next 2-4 years, growing 47 percent, with data analytics and management expected to grow by 78 percent, followed by sales support (57 percent) and advertising operations (50 percent).
The digital advertising industry will require a skilled workforce to address this projected future demand. In response, IAB and the College of San Mateo have launched an innovative new pilot program to address the skills gap in the digital advertising industry and promote diversity and inclusion in this field.
NOVA Success Story: Monica McDowell
ProMatch, a collaborative of NOVA and the California Employment Development Department, is a member-driven program where job seekers from the professional fields obtain the right connections, resources, and encouragement necessary to engage in a proactive job search leading to successful reemployment. ProMatch customer Monica McDowell describes her success story:
When my previous employer laid me off, I was really at a loss.
It had been decades since I'd had to look for work, since I was hired at HP while still in college. I left that job when my mom was ill, and then I started my family. While my daughter was small, I was volunteering with a nonprofit and they asked me if I'd be interested in being their office manager, so I worked there until they shut down last year. Since I'd never had to actively seek work, I didn't know how to go about it effectively.
After looking for a while on my own, I realized I couldn't do it myself - the job market today was really different than "way back when" - and I needed to learn some new skills, which led me to NOVA. 

Nationwide, the ratio of mature workers (55+) participating in the labor force was 13 percent; by 2050, that number is expected to reach 24 percent. In Santa Clara County, mature workers represent 46 percent of the labor force contributing to
the economic growth in this region. Yet, in this technology-driven economy, these workers face barriers to reemployment success. At NOVA, the number of unemployed workers age 50+ represents 50 percent of the customers NOVA serves, and many of these job seekers are long-term unemployed workers. These workers require customized assistance to reenter the job market.
To respond to this need, NOVA and the Peninsula Family Service have launched an exciting new Mature Worker Job Coaching Program. 

NOVA Workforce Board member Rosanne Foust is President and Chief Executive Officer of the San Mateo County Economic Development Association (SAMCEDA) in San Mateo. She is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the organization and working with the Board of Directors to introduce, plan and implement advocacy strategies on high priority issues in San Mateo County that include workforce development, housing, transportation, and land use. Ms. Foust brings to the NOVA Board extensive experience connecting and convening community leaders, businesses and key stakeholders to tackle important regional issues and showcasing innovators that will offer an entrepreneurial approach to solutions. "Throughout our region, we have a disconnect between people seeking employment opportunities and the jobs that are available. Connecting folks with training programs that are already in place and working with employers on developing new training programs for their industry's needs is critical," states Ms. Foust.

The holiday season is fast approaching and for employers who depend on holiday business to survive and thrive, hiring seasonal workers is an important part of capitalizing on the
expected increase in business during this time. On September 29, NOVA hosted its third annual Holiday Job Fair at the Sunnyvale Community Center. This is an opportunity to bring together employers interested in expanding their workforce over the next several months with NOVA job seekers who are seeking temporary employment and income while they look for more permanent work. The event was open to all job seekers, including youth age 16+. Nearly 200 participants attended, with youth representing about 35 to 40 percent. Over 35 employers participated offering a wide variety of opportunities...

On October 26, NOVA hosted an industry trends panel for job seekers interested in careers in finance, banking, insurance, and financial services. Panelists representing Edward Jones, State Farm, Tech CU, U.C. Santa Cruz Extension, and Wells Fargo shared their expertise on staffing trends and what it takes to be hired in the short-term and successful in the long-term. An interesting observation was that the average age of a financial advisor is 50, so the industry is facing looming retirements, at the same time as the demand for services is growing. The result is that opportunities are great for job seekers, and those transitioning from other fields are welcome. Rather than finance skills (which in many cases can be taught on the job), the key to success in the field is the ability to make personal connections and build trust. "Networking is a highly needed skill," commented one panelist, reiterating what NOVA teaches its job seekers. The ability to collaborate and other "soft skills" are also important, as is excellent customer service. NOVA would like to extend its gratitude to the panelists for sharing their time and knowledge with NOVA customers.

JobTrain, in partnership with the San Francisco Chronicle and LinkedIn, is launching the first ever Economic Opportunity Awards. This is a chance to recognize those employers who have hired disadvantaged workers or developed innovative programs to reach out to this population,  contributing to their employment success. Nominees will be selected from employers representing emerging, mid-size and large tech and non-tech companies, with awards to be announced at the February 16, 2017 awards dinner. NOVA Director Kris Stadelman has been asked to join the Nominations Committee that will recommend award recipients for this inaugural event. For more information and to nominate someone, please visit the Economic Opportunity Awards website. The deadline for submitting nominations is December 15.

In celebration of the Labor Day holiday, the California Employment Development Department (EDD) created a Web page to highlight the local workforce development community's success assisting workers return to work. NOVA is pleased to announce that its ProMatch program was among the initiatives selected for recognition. The Trades Introduction Program (TIP) was also featured of which NOVA is a partner with the Building & Construction Trades Councils of San Mateo County and Santa Clara and San Benito Counties. To review the stories, please visit EDD's website.

In the CommunityIntheCommunity

Visit to Bay Area Entrepreneur Center

Since the County of San Mateo joined the now eight-jurisdiction NOVA consortium, NOVA staff has visited with many organizations throughout San Mateo County to learn
more about the work in this community and explore opportunities for future collaborations. On September 20, NOVA staff continued its "listening tour" of San Mateo County with a visit to the Bay Area Entrepreneur Center (BAEC) and its director, Pcyeta Stroud. The BAEC of Skyline College is a business incubator and resource center that offers...

Legislative UpdatesIntheCommunity

Wrap-up of State Legislative Session

The California Workforce Association is a membership organization representing 46 local workforce development boards across the state. Through its lobbyist, Rose & Kindel, it has been tracking legislation over the past year that may impact the local workforce development community and its customers and partners. With the close of the legislative session, here are some highlights:
AB 801 (Bloom): Success for Homeless Youth in Higher Education Act: Enacts Success for Homeless Youth in Higher Education Act. Deletes the repeal date of, and thereby extends the request for the granting of priority, with respect to the University of California and community colleges to include homeless youth, and extends that priority requirement. 

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