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   Fall 2015

Partnership...Collaboration...While it is often more difficult to achieve than working alone, the end result is a less fractured system and a more cohesive and unified community. In the coming year, NOVA will be embarking on a regional strategic planning process with the goal to shape local policies and activities that support a strong economy and achieve self-sufficiency for all of our residents. We will be reaching out to the public and our partners in both government and the private sector and convening a diverse group of opinions and ideas to identify what's working, what's not working and what we can do differently to improve the quality of life for everyone. When we tap on your shoulder to participate, we hope you'll join us.
In this latest edition, you can read more about new initiatives and special events to assist the unemployed and youth find work and some of our successes along the way. Please let me know what you think and share it with your colleagues.
Warmest regards,
Kris Stadelman
NOVA Director 

New Transit Career Ladders Initiative
Over the next 30 years,the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) will be adding over 40 miles of new
passenger rail to its existing 104-mile system to support 1,000 new rail cars arriving in 2017. In addition, BART will be instituting new control center modernization to support the new rail cars, improve efficiencies to accommodate increased ridership, and for station expansion. As a result, the organization will need a talent pipeline of workers to fill vacancies and address gaps in workforce knowledge and skill-sets. In response, BART was recently awarded a federal grant to launch the Transit Career Ladders Training Program. 
In order to meet the growing needs of the transit workforce, the program will streamline career pathways for incumbent workers and for disadvantaged individuals in the community by providing access to transit-specific training and career readiness workshops for employment opportunities in the transportation industry.
NOVA Success Story: Isabel Echeverria
ProMatch, a collaborative of NOVA and the California Employment Development Department, is a member-driven program where job seekers from the professional fields obtain the right connections, resources, and encouragement necessary to engage in a successful job search. Promatch customer Isabel Echeverria describes her success story:
For the first time in my life, I lost my job, on November 7, 2014. I thought it would be easy to find another one. After all, I had been recruited into my last two jobs, and always consistently rated as a top performer. When my friends heard I was unemployed, some of them recommended NOVA. At first, I didn't go. Surely I would find a job; NOVA was for losers, and I was not a loser. Months went by and it became apparent to me that nobody was going to come knock on my door and offer me a job. I had applied to about 150 jobs and gotten 2 interviews. I was a divorced mother of two children and wanted to keep the family as stable as possible. In March, I joined NOVA at the insistence of my friends. 
Spotlight on NOVA Board Member Lionel de Maine of Sequoia District Adult School
NOVA Workforce Board member Lionel de Maine is Chief Operations Officer for the Sequoia District Adult School in Menlo Park. Mr. de Maine is responsible for overseeing and managing all aspects of the Adult School, which serves over 2,000 students annually. Mr. de Maine brings to the NOVA Board 13 years of experience in adult education and 14 years of experience in the high-technology field, with a passion for preparing adults for college and careers through the development of career pathways. In addition, Mr. de Maine has taken a leadership role on several regional initiatives targeting workforce development. His significant knowledge and expertise will be invaluable to the Board in preparing disadvantaged workers for the demand-driven, high wage occupations in Silicon Valley. "The critical workforce issues for the region include the need for a diverse workforce to obtain the necessary technical and soft skills to advance to all levels of a company and the impact the high cost of living has on worker recruitment and retention. A crucial aspect of addressing these issues is partnership between business, education, community-based entities and government," states Mr. de Maine.
2015 Holiday Job Fair
The holiday season is fast approaching and for employers who rely on holiday business to survive and thrive, hiring seasonal
workers is an important part of preparing for the expected uptick in business during this time. For the past several years, NOVA has hosted a Holiday Job Fair bringing together employers interested in expanding their workforce over the next several months with NOVA job seekers who are seeking temporary employment and income while they look for more permanent work. This year, the Holiday Job Fair was held on October 1 at the Sunnyvale Community Center and was a big success. 

Skills in Silicon Valley: Filling the Gap

According to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2020, the United States and Silicon Valley are projecting labor shortages across all skill levels. On October 23, the NOVA Director, Kris Stadelman, was invited to participate in the "Skills in Silicon Valley: Filling the Gap" forum, hosted by the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. The purpose of the event was to release a recent report produced by the American Action Forum on national immigration and the workforce titled,  "How Changes in Immigration Can Impact Future Worker Shortages in the United States and Silicon Valley." Ms. Stadelman presented as part of a panel that included: Jon Funabiki of San Francisco State University (moderator), Doug Holtz-Eakin of American Action Forum, Derrick Seaver of the San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce and Lionel de Maine of Sequoia District Adult Education. Silicon Valley is already attracting high skill workers; however, the challenge is filling gaps in low and middle skill occupations. 
People Love Us on Yelp

Yelp recently awarded NOVA the 2015 "People Love Us on Yelp" award for the positive responses NOVA's customers have written about NOVA. To read more about what people are saying, please visit the Yelp website.

New Apprenticeship Partnerships
The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has awarded two organizations in the region - the San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development and Mission College in Santa Clara - the American Apprenticeship grant awards to train more than 700 individuals using the apprenticeship "earn and learn" model. Both initiatives will be targeting the high growth technology sector, specifically, the Information and Communications Technology industries and the Information Technology (IT) systems and infrastructure that are dominant industries in the Bay Area. The local workforce boards in the region, including NOVA, will be providing the customer referrals. Employer partners will include Airbnb, Graniterock, IBM, Joint Venture Silicon Valley, LinkedIn, Lyft, NetApp, Pinterest, Salesforce, Synopsis, and developers of IT systems Cisco Systems and VMWare, among others. For more information about these grant initiatives and other projects that received grants nationwide, please visit the DOL website.


2015 Job Hunters Boot Camp
Starting last year, NOVA has collaborated with Congresswoman Jackie Speier's office on the annual Job Hunters Boot Camp, sponsored by Congresswoman Speier in conjunction with California State Assemblyman Kevin Mullin. This event is an opportunity for job seekers to improve their job search strategies through targeted workshops and to talk to employers who are hiring about employment opportunities. This year, the 12th annual Boot Camp was held on October 13 at the San Mateo County Event Center in San Mateo.The program included a series of employment assistance workshops, industry panels targeting occupations in the healthcare and hospitality industries, and over 100 employers seeking to fill a wide range of positions. At the event, NOVA coordinated a "Tools Tent" that provided an onsite career advising center where attendees were able to meet with a career coach for 20-30 minutes for resume review, interview practice and for general job search questions and strategies. 

LinkedIn Event for Youth Practitioners
Last spring, LinkedIn for Good launched Engage In initiative to tackle the issue of global youth unemployment and NOVA was selected as a local partner in Sunnyvale. Since the initial launch, NOVA has worked with LinkedIn on a variety of activities including the highly successful youth event last May. Additional events have been planned and, on August 28, LinkedIn hosted a special event for NOVA's partners who work with youth. One of the most important contributions NOVA can make to the community's youth is connecting professionals who work with them with innovative tools to effectively guide youth in their career development quest. Twenty practitioners from NOVA's youth partner agencies attended the August event representing career advisors from local high schools, community colleges and universities, and community-based organizations in the eight-jurisdiction consortium. 
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Legislative Updates

Wrap-up of State Legislative Session

The California Workforce Association (CWA) is
a me
mbership organization representing local workforce development boards across the state. Through its lobbyist, Rose & Kindel, it has been tracking priority bills over the past year that may impact the local workforce development community and its customers and partners. With the close of the legislative session, here are some highlights...
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