Assistive Technology at the NOVA Job Center


A "closed circuit television" magnifies hard-copy documents like books for people with low vision or who are blind. Available upon request.

Assistive Listening Device:

The "Induction Loop" amplification system can be used during training presentations by people with hearing impairments. The system provides sound amplification from a loop. The trainer wears a microphone that broadcasts a signal to headsets or to hearing aids. Available upon request.

Close-Captioned Job Search Videos:

A full range of career and job search videos are available in a close-captioned format for persons with hearing impairments. They can be viewed at the video station at the NOVA Job Center. Available upon request.

Accessible Computer Workstations:

There are two height-adjustable workstations with keyboard trays available in the resource room. You can request them from the front area staff. The computer access technology listed below is available for use at the workstations with instruction guides which can assist you in getting started using the technology. NOVA Job Center staff is not able to provide training on the technology. Please refer to the community resources section of this handout for information on assistive technology training sites.

Adaptive Keyboards

  • Maxim Split Keyboard: This ergonomic keyboard can be adjusted to facilitate correct hand positioning while typing, which may benefit persons who have pain when typing due to a repetitive strain injury.
  • Big Keys Keyboard: The enlarged keys on this keyboard may be helpful for persons who have decreased hand coordination.
  • Keyguard Keyboard: This keyboard has a hard plastic cover with recessed keys, which may be helpful for persons with decreased hand coordination which causes them to accidentally hit keys.
  • Large Print Keyboard: The enlarged letters on this standard-size keyboard may be helpful for persons with decreased vision.

Adaptive Mouse Controllers

  • Kensington Trackball may be helpful for individuals who have decreased coordination or individuals who have pain when using a traditional mouse.
  • Joystick Plus is a mouse simulator that may be helpful for persons who have difficulty with coordination or cannot effectively use a traditional mouse or trackball.
  • HeadTracker is an infrared head-pointing device that enables people with little or no hand movement to perform all mouse functions by moving their head.

Software for Job Seekers with Visual Impairments

  • ZoomText: This "screen magnifier" software may be helpful for persons with decreased vision. There is also limited screen reading available with this version of Zoom Text.

Alternative “Typing” Software

  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking
  • is a voice-recognition software application which may be helpful for persons who have pain or difficulty using a keyboard to type. It turns a person’s voice into text on the screen and can be used to eliminate the need for a keyboard or mouse.
  • OpenBook: This software program converts scanned printed material into enlarged text that can be read aloud with a computer voice for persons who are blind or have a visual impairment.