Ten years ago we were introduced to the Values-Driven Work Self-Report Inventory developed by the Career Action Center. Today we continue to use the Inventory with our clients. They tell us the following:

'This activity strengthened my knowledge of myself and how I want to contribute to organizations.'

'Our entire group now understands what is important to each person and why. This level of awareness has resulted in our group becoming a team, thereby increasing our effectiveness.'

'Knowing our top 10 values as an organization guides us as we make tough decisions about our future.'
~ Barbara A. F. Greene
Founder and CEO of Greene and Associates

Responses from a client-satisfaction survey conducted by NOVA:

This assessment exercise helped me to see with clarity what values are most important to me.

I liked the cards and the interaction with them. The color-coding was effective to avoid confusion.

This assessment put me in touch with my values again. I was losing them somewhat.

Going through this process validated my own goals and where I would like to be regarding my career.

Values-Driven Work gave me a better picture of who I am and what's important to me.

It provided a good, quick method to identify important values.

Going through the card sort helped to distill the essence of me and when I finished I had 'me' described on paper in plain daylight.