Product Overview

Product Description

Values-Driven Work is a career assessment instrument designed for use by career service practitioners and providers. It helps individuals find clarity in career choice by identifying the values that drive their own work satisfaction and performance.

The instrument is available in two formats: a Card Sort, and Self-Report Inventory. A separate Facilitator's Manual provides additional exercises and reproducible worksheets:

Values-Driven Work Card Sort
Photo of Card Sort Cards
A color-coded, card sort lists 70 values grouped into four work-related categories. Participants rank how important each value is to them on a scale ranging from "always important" to "not important." The four categories are: Intrinsic, Work Environment, Work Content, and Work Relationships Values. Participants select their 10 top values from the "always important" stack and record their results on a worksheet. Please note: Recordation sheets are not included in the Card Sort package. To obtain reproducible sheets, purchase the Facilitator's Manual. Card Sort price: $18. See pricing for more details.
Values-Driven Work Self-Report Inventory
Photo of Self-Report Inventory
The inventory is a three-page (plus cover) pamphlet that individuals can fill out at home, in a workshop, or in a counseling session. It is an alternative to the Card Sort and a tool that individuals can keep as an important reference. Like the Card Sort, it asks individuals to assess their intrinsic, work environment, work content and work relationship values. Values are evaluated on a scale of 1 - 4 with 4 as "always important in my work." Participants select their top 10 values and describe each value in their own words. Self-Report Inventory price: $35. See pricing for more details.

Facilitator's Manual
Photo of Facilitator's Manual
The Facilitator's Manual includes 12 supplemental exercises as well as reproducible worksheets and handouts. The materials underscore the importance of alignment between one's values and work satisfaction. The exercises are for the counselor to use after participants complete the card sort or self-report inventory. The exercises fall into three distinct areas: clarifying personal values, identifying organizational values, and exploring work group values. Facilitator's Manual price: $30. See pricing for more details.

Product Benefits

This sophisticated work values tool is appropriate for use by career development professionals dealing with a broad range of populations including:

• college students • career changers  
• job seekers • re-entry clients  
• company employees • those nearing retirement  

A Values-Driven Work career assessment helps your clients to:

  • Identify and articulate the top values that drive work satisfaction and performance
  • Assess how individual values may or may not align with organizational and team values
  • Develop an effective career map for navigating career exploration and professional development
  • Design strategies for improving work satisfaction and on-the-job success

Your career guidance sessions will be greatly enhanced by:

  • this simple, colorful, easy-to-use assessment tool that is available in two different formats (Card Sort; Self-Report Inventory), each one giving you a unique way in which to conduct a values assessment with your client
  • the ability of this distinctive tool to categorize 70 values into four work-related areas, thereby assisting you in understanding your client's unique pattern of values. Knowing how your client's values cluster can aid you in determining the best focus and direction for successful career growth
  • the product's requirement that individuals come up with their own personal definition of prized values.                 

Unique Features

Values-Driven Work was created in the belief that values are the core principles that give meaning and purpose to our lives. Values form the foundation of our behaviors and the priorities by which we live. When people pursue work that is aligned with their values, their lives are more satisfying and productive.

Personal Language:

Values-Driven Work users define for themselves the meaning and personal importance of each value selected during the assessment process. As a result, you will more fully understand what motivates your clients and be able to guide them toward the jobs/activities that mirror these values and provide an optimum working environment.


Values-Driven Work helps your clients identify their values in four areas:

  1. Intrinsic: values that motivate people to truly love their work, day after day. Examples of intrinsic values: balance, influence, environmental awareness.

  2. Work Content: the work activities that are the most satisfying and engaging to people. Examples of work content values: public contact, risk-taking, detailed.

  3. Work Relationship: the characteristics of interaction with others in the workplace that are the most important to people. Examples of work relationship values: fun, competition, loyalty.

  4. Work Environment: the working conditions that provide an optimum environment in which people can do their best work. Examples of work environment values: comfortable income, fast-paced, flexible.