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Employee Training Services

When you need to upgrade your employees’ skills and provide them with professional development, NOVA can help you to assess your training needs and connect with resources that suit your business.

Programs such as the Employment Training Panel can assist in funding specialized training for qualified workers. In addition, NOVA’s Communications Essentials Program and Values Driven Work program will help your employees develop leadership skills and enhance their careers.

Please email or call us for additional information on our training resources or to start working with us today. 

Get specialized training for your workers: 

The Employment Training Panel program (ETP) offers contracts to eligible companies to offset the cost of retraining your current employees. The program aims to ensure that companies operating in California remain competitive and is designed to lessen the need for layoffs.

NEW!  NOVA partnership with California Workforce Association to fund ETP training:

  • For-profit employers are eligible (except retail and other strictly local service companies)
  • Most types of formal training are allowable to advance your employees' skills
  • Training may range from a minimum of 24 hours to a maximum of approximately 200 hours
  • Trainees must be employed at least 35 hours per week and earn at least $15.70 per hour (cash wage plus health benefits)
  • Trainees must remain on the job for 90 days after completing training in order for company to receive training reimbursement

Interested employers must complete a Certification Statement and return it to NOVA. For questions and for further information, please contact NOVA's Employer Services staff. Click here for an overview of the Employment Training Panel.

Train your employees to be leaders:

NOVA provides employment training to develop your workers’ leadership skills and promote their career development. Your work teams will be better able to collaborate, manage interpersonal issues, get to the heart of complex problems and achieve business goals.

NOVA's Communication Essentials training features practical techniques, interactive exercises, and immediately useful tools in the areas of communication, facilitation, and collaboration. This class will improve your employees' confidence and increase their effectiveness.

This “soft skills” training includes interactive discussions, exercises and role-plays. We have standard training modules that can be customized to your organization’s needs. Click here for more information about this program or contact us to learn how this training can add value for your employees.

NOVA’s Values Driven Work is an innovative assessment instrument designed to help individuals identify and articulate the values that drive their work satisfaction and performance. Its exercises help participants clarify personal goals, identify organizational values and explore work group values. Click here to download order form (PDF: 586KB).